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Who knows?

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Heads explode, bodies are shredded, and all of it looks gooey and gross. A collection of seemingly disparate horror stories at first, each of these short tales soon establish that they are indeed not only part of the same world, but part of the same story.

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  • Has always been done. And the child weeps. Things continue to get worse from then on, as the series explores ghosts made of hair, hair obsessed ghosts, and just general creepy Japanese hair shit all around.

    Manual LAIR OF THE CANNIBAL GOD A True Tale of Terror

    On top of all that, people are haunted by visions of hairlessness, seeing themselves as bald in reflections out of the conrners of their eyes. About the faithful dog who tried to keep his family safe from increasingly strange occurrences? Well, this is that, but ten times more fucked up, and with a 7 year old instead of a dog. Essentially, Kazuo Umezo seems to have written the entire series in an attempt to inflict as much trauma on a small fictional child as his imagination could muster.

    Voices in the Dark (闇の声; Yami No Koe)

    Of the series! Page one is the girl sleeping peacefully, and then this! Kazuki is taking out the trash when he sees a gangly girl in a ragged Lolita costume sitting by the garbage.

    She asks him if he has a sister, and he tells her he does. If he answers yes, the girl will try to become his sister, and eventually give him a twisted death. Things only escalate from here: people are killed, corpses are defiled, and dogs are made into soup. And then things escalate some more.

    100+ Horror Movies Streaming on Hulu Throughout October

    What makes these so effective is that there is never any explanation for anything happening. The face, if not quite the body of your apocalypse. As the series continues, different kinds of magical girls arrive, each sewing their own unique brand of carnage.

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    The less said about her the better. It honestly may be the most nihilistic apocalypse ever concocted. The story focuses on Kirishima Seiichi, a man who plans to kill his wife while on their island vacation.

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    The latter is presumable, and the former is revealed immediately, with the book opening on Kirishima tied up underground, bruised and bloody. The rest of the stories are more traditional ghost stories, feeling like the sort of tale you might share around a campfire. They evoke such a visceral reaction that they allow the reader to understand the arguments against free speech — should something like this even be legal to print? His parents believed they had a healthy and successful son on their hands, but it turned out he was a living horror story.

    The police, however, quickly discovered otherwise — they were the mummified corpses of 29 women and children. Wikimedia Commons Alexander the Great died at age 32 after suddenly — and mysteriously — succumbing to full-body paralysis. His loyal followers believed this was clear confirmation he was a god, but modern scientists have since posited otherwise.

    Eventually, year-old Alexander was pronounced dead.

    Booklist ( by Genre - Adventure fiction) : NSW Premier's Reading Challenge

    His cause of death, however, has remained a mystery for millennia — but one doctor recently thought she cracked it. In February , Dr. Back in the fourth century B.

    And since Alexander was paralyzed, his body required less oxygen and his breathing was kept to a minimum. Thus, with his pupils dilated and apparent lack of response to stimuli, doctors assumed he was dead — when his mental faculties were completely intact.