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Love OCM. Once I started OCM, my skin began to feel softer, look more even toned instead of being splotchy and irritated, and my pores appeared smaller. I had tried giving up sugar in the past with only limited results. After doing a bit of research online, I decided to try cutting out sugar AND dairy from my diet.

And it worked! About a week ago I started slacking off a little on my new clear skin diet, and immediately this monster breakout popped up. I DID have a bit of trouble with greasy bangs I wash my hair once every three days, and condition between but after switching the order of my shower, that problem went away too.

Just found your blog. Great tips. Wanted to mention that almond oil mixed with neem is great for skin. Removes wrinkles and softens better than most.

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I used pure almond oil at the time because it was the cheapest most abundant stuff I had I picked up some quality cheap almond oil while in India and even after cleaning it off, my face would be nicely moisturized. I highly recommed pure almond oil, because its all you need to both cleanse and moisturize in one go. But because I like to sleep with Argan oil on my face, I now use a mix of Castor and almond oil to clean my face. I have oily and acne prone skin and my former routine was to wash my face twice a day before OCM I was using neutrogena grapefruit foaming scrub, which my skin really liked.

In the original post Crunchy Betty advises against switching between store brought facial cleansers that contain sulfates or sulfides. What do other people do after workouts? Are there store-bought products that work well with OCM? How do I tell if a store-brought product is sulfate free? But something that you might want to try is putting a bit of honey in a little travel bottle and taking it with you to work out. If you need a little moisturizer after, use a couple drops of your oil mix. Hope that helps! I soak a washcloth in very warm water and leave it on my face for a minute the steam feels so good!

Then I use the same washcloth to remove everything thoroughly. It really only takes me 5 minutes or so to finish up my whole routine, in case you were wondering. My oily, congested, acne prone skin absolutely loved the OCM with a blend of half jojoba, half castor oil. My eyes however have not. Oil cleansing cleared my skin up and made it clearer, smoother, more supple, moisturized, and healthier than ever before, but it also made my eyes totally blood red, dry, and super irritated to the point where I have had to discontinue oil cleansing.

Has anyone else had this problem? I tried to stop using it around my eye area to remove eye makeup but felt even not using it around my oculars it was still somehow able to migrate in and mess my eyes up. I have also done what seems to be irreversible damage to the skin under my eyes when I was gently removing my eye makeup with OCM and a baby washclosh, the gentle wiping seems to have broken capillaries there I have super sensitive skin and given me relentless redness under my eyes that will not go away now for the past 2 years.

Any advice on dealing with this? I think a washcloth may be too harsh for the skin around your eyes. I think a cotton pad might be less abrasive. Could you use a different oil for removing eye makeup? Ebooks and Manuals

Lastly, how much oil do you put on your face? I hope any of that helps or inspire someone else to write you with suggestions. I love ocm so much. I used and liked the almond for a couple of months but in the end my pores were blocked no breakouts just very visible pores.

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So I gave pure castor oil a go, have been using it for four months now and I adore it. I GLOW and my skin is not dry. I tone daily with rose water.

All (352) 205-XXXX Phone Numbers Originate in Lady Lake, Florida (FL)

My skin is naturally neither dry nor oily, slight olive complexion with freckles in summer. Before I started OCM I never really had problems with my skin but it was dull, a little blotchy and coarse feeling. Now it is soft and dewy. I really need advice. I live in the humid and mostly HOT South. We have a short mild winter. Where do I start?

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Any recommendations are appreciated. Why not start there? My skin is on the dry side especially in winter. I like the apricot kernel oil the best. The other two were okay but they seemed to sit on my skin. The AKO absorbed better.

42 Best crochet patterns free images | Crochet patterns, Crochet, Crochet crafts

In the winter, I wash my face at night and follow up with drops of straight argan oil. I once used a sample I got and it was a disaster. My skin took a good month to get back to normal after that. Ive been using ocm for the past year or so and I absolutely love it. I have very oily acne prone skin and use a blend of grapeseed oil and castor oil with a few drops of tea tree. Initially when i started i would use it morning and night but now only at night and i find my skin is less oily. You definitely have to experiment with it to find the right balance.

It continued to get worse so last week I went to the dermatologist. Before my trip to the Dr. I bought apricot and sweet almond oil. Would those go over better? The rest of my face looked great except that one area. I love the OCM! I have dry sensitive skin and have had black-heads since junior high. Everything I tried for black-heads was too harsh for my skin.

Five New Troubleshooting Tips For the Oil Cleansing Method

I use 1 part castor oil to parts depending on the season olive oil gasp! For the first time since junior high I have more skin than black-heads on my nose. And that is a pretty big deal! I blogged about it last month — it works great for me, and I just tweak it a little from summer to winter. I know of a possible reason that jojoba oil might be an issue for some folks. Then I came across Caroline Hirons over at beautymouth and she said something interesting: sulfates and foaming face washes alkalizes the surface of the skin, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

Pretty excited, people. Thanks for the great follow-up post on OCM! I have terrible scars all along my jawline very oily skin. I started OCM 4 weeks ago and am my acne has only gotten worse.

I also moisturise with grapeseed, argan and lavendar oil.